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Malaga Airport Parking

Malaga airport and Marbesol parking is less than a kilometre away, and with our minibus service that takes you from our parking at Malaga airport and vice versa, this transfer takes just three minutes. In this way you will not depend on relatives or public transport to take your flight, we will take you and pick you up from our parking at Malaga airport - Costa del Sol.

We have different rates that adapt to the needs of our users, from stays of several days or months to reservations of one or two days. We also have different areas where you can park your vehicle and that best suit your pocket.

Short periods

from 3€ / day*

*For stays of 30 days
  • includes:
  • Free outside wash*
  • *Stays longer than 24h.
  • Courtesy minibus
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Long periods

from 1.89€ / day*

*For stays of 1 year
  • includes:
  • Free outside wash*
  • *Stays longer than 24h.
  • Courtesy minibus
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Marbesol has a car park with all the services so that you can travel from Malaga Airport - Costa del Sol with the total peace of mind of leaving your vehicle in good hands. All areas available for parking are guarded by a closed circuit cameras in addition to security guards during the night.

malaga airport parking

Short and long periods

Reserve your parking space near Malaga's airport for a short or a long time.

malaga airport parking

Courtesy minibus

A courtesy minibus will transfer you to the departures from Malaga airport and pick you up on arrival, in a comfortable and fast way.

malaga airport parking

Maximum security

CCTV surveillance site by a circuit of cameras, reinforced with a night security guard.

Frequently asked questions about Malaga Airport Parking

Do I have to pay in advance or when picking up the vehicle?

For reservations of less than one month the payment is made when the vehicle is picked up from our facilities. For reservations of one month or more, payment is made in advance at the time of leaving the car in our car park.

How can I extend the number of days in the car park and how much does it cost to change my booking?

To modify your reservation you can contact us by phone on 952 234 916. The modification of a reservation does not imply any additional cost beyond the difference corresponding to the new reservation period.

How can I reserve a parking space?

There are three ways to book with us: through our website, accessing the reservations section, by phone, calling 952 234 916 or in person, directly at our facilities.

How do I know if my reservation has been accepted?

If you make your reservation by telephone on 952 234 916 you will be informed directly. If, on the other hand, you make your reservation using the form on our website, you will receive an email informing you of the status of your reservation. In this email you will be notified if the reservation is confirmed or pending confirmation by our staff.

How do I notify of my arrival if it is not at the time indicated on the reservation?

As soon as you land call 952 234 916 and our courtesy minibus will pick you up at the airport and take you to our facilities, free of charge. Remember that our opening hours are from 8.00 to 22.00

I don't want the free exterior wash, how can I tell?

You can inform us in the 'Comments' field on the booking form on our website. Also by telephone on 952 234 916, indicating the reference number of your reservation.

If I have trouble making a reservation, who can I contact?

If you have any problem making a reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 952 234 916. We will make the reservation for you at no additional cost.

If my car has a scratch on it, how much would it cost me to fix it in your parking lot?

The price depends on the damage to the vehicle. As a first step, our staff will give you an estimate and will contact you to confirm if you agree with it, in which case we will proceed to repair the vehicle. In this case the payment will be made when the car is collected.

What guarantees does my car have?

The deposited vehicles are guaranteed against theft or fire by means of the civil responsibility policy contracted by our company. The conditions for the valuation and execution of these guarantees are those established in these policies.

What happens if the parking staff does something to the car?

Marbesol Parking will be responsible for any damage that your personnel may cause to your vehicle and will pay for the repair costs. You must indicate any incident before taking the car from our premises. Repairs will ALWAYS be carried out in the workshop designated by Marbesol. Under no circumstances will repairs to official houses be allowed.

What happens if the reservation confirmation email does not arrive?

Look in your spam folder. If the email is not in this folder and about fifteen minutes have elapsed since your booking request, please contact us by calling 952 234 916 and we will inform you of the status of your booking.

What is the maximum number of days I can book?

There is no maximum number of days set. You can reserve parking spaces in our car park for long periods of time, for example, for one year.

Will the parking staff be moving my car around? For what reason?

The vehicles deposited may be moved within the facilities by the staff of Marbesol Parking, depending on the needs of places, organization and services. For the same reason, the vehicles deposited may be transferred from one facility to another, Marbesol Parking, within the area of the airport of Malaga.

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